It's time we rethink team collaborative coding.

Kergan is redefining the way teams move work forward, and all the good stuff together forever.

Refactor is simple

Whether you're travelling or next to your home spot, always know where the wind is the best. Get the latest forecast to choose where to kite.

Coding Bootcamp

Easily discuss meeting points and rideshare from within the app. Make friends if you're new to town, or get an additional member to your crew.

Custom designed for developers

Our optimized configuration process saves your team time when running and scaling distributed applications, AI & machine learning workloads, hosted services, client websites, or CI/CD environments.

Server cloud scaling seamlessly

An intelligently designed, beautifully crafted application management system for your education agency. Inteleagent redefines the whole experience of managing your business, from student inquiry stage, all the way to student study experience stage.

All customer data in one place

Stop wasting time in spreadsheets. Get all of your data in one view – see product usage, product adoption, and customer lifecycles in seconds. Stop guessing who needs your help. Customer 360 means you know right away.

Focus on what really needs your attention

Stop spending time on tasks that could be automated. Custify's playbooks and automation let you free up time to work on what really matters.

Automatically identify growth opportunities

Want to achieve negative churn? It's only possible by upselling additional services to your existing customers. With Custify, you'll make your sales team jealous by upselling customers and locking in new revenue.

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